(Mostly) Plant-based Fresh & Frozen Meals

The next logical evolution in our product line, we introduced frozen take’n’bake and take’n’microwave meals to our CSAs and farmers markets in early 2018. Much like the meals-in-jars, our frozen product line is designed to minimize additives and emphasize fresh produce and minimally processed foods. We do not use meat substitutes or soy products in any of our frozen meals. We do occasionally use honey, but it is always very clearly marked.

Each week, we cook up some really tasty meals, flash-freeze them for easy transport and storage, and then sell them to you at our established farmers’ markets. We can also make arrangements to deliver meals en route to our established farmers’ markets for a modest fee. Our current delivery areas are: within 5 miles of an I80 on/off ramp between Natomas and Truckee on Tuesdays, Natomas & Carmichael on Wednesdays, within 5 miles of an I50 on/off ramp between El Dorado Hills and South Lake Tahoe on Fridays, Midtown Sacramento on Saturdays, and within 5 miles of an I80/I680 on/off ramp between West Sacramento and downtown Walnut Creek on Sundays. Please contact us at inquiries@kimberleysimone.com for details.

The take’n’bake versions come in 2 1/4 lb. aluminum casserole dishes that serve 2-3 for dinner, and are generally ready from frozen in about an hour. The take’n’microwave dishes currently come in microwave-safe trays that feed two and are ready in about 10 minutes.

We are working hard on starting up a subscription service for plant-based meals and experimenting with single-serving portion packaging, so watch this space and our Facebook page for further developments!

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