Catering and Hot Food for Community Events

We are happy to do a pop-up hot food tent at suitable community events and cater private parties from our full commercial kitchen in Sacramento.

In each case, we will design a menu specifically for the event, taking into consideration the host’s preferences and budget, as well as the availability of seasonal product.

For example, at the 2018 Earth Day celebrations in Sacramento’s Southside Park, we served up a 100% vegan menu at the organizers’ request, giving guests a choice of two main courses, Moussaka and Stuffed Tomatoes, Greek Salad, Tabouleh, and three different classic Greek dips with pita bread.

Prefer a classic Cretan dinner buffet? No problem. There’s a joke in Greece that a good wife can whip up a multi-course meal in minutes when her husband unexpectedly brings home twenty of his closest friends from the local coffee shop.

In Crete, traditionally we start with Kalzounia, little handpies filled with goat’s cheese, spinach, spiced meats, or any number of other fillings—kind of like a Greek version of pot stickers—to tide the guests over until the main courses start rolling out. We’ll skip the traditional first meat course (as that is very plain), and move right on to the second: no Cretan wedding would ever take place without a course of lamb baked in the oven with tomatoes, potatoes, and okra—mine certainly didn’t—which is traditionally served with Greek salad. For a lighter option, we’ll offer braised chicken with lemon and olives, a dish I was introduced to by the Algerian mother of a high school friend, variations of which are served throughout the Mediterranean region.

And while a Cretan banquet usually doesn’t feature heavily in the vegetable department, we’ve Californified things a little with a selection of seasonal vegetables, salads, and dips to accompany the main courses.

To finish it all, you’ll get to choose from a number of scrumptious Greek desserts, such as baklava, filo pastry filled with custard, almond cookies, and walnut cake.

If you’d like to discuss your event requirements in more detail, please e-mail us at

We also have a plant-based  Corporate Catering Brochure.

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